7 Signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency (And What You Can Do To Reverse It)

"I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such consistent health benefits as vitamin D. The data are really quite remarkable."[1]
Dr. Edward Giovannucci - Nutrition researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health

Are you getting all of the Vitamin D you're supposed to? Do you get to the end of your day and wonder what even happened that day? Do you walk around in brain fog, constantly fatigued, and even on the cusp of depression?

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You may just have a vitamin D deficiency. Failure to snag a sufficient amount of vitamin D can lead to all kinds of problems. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms vary so much that you may not even know you need an extra dose of the sunshine vitamin.

Here are seven Vitamin D deficiency symptoms you might be missing and what you can do to reverse them.

1. Fatigue and Low Energy


Studies have demonstrated that individuals with a vitamin D deficiency experience high levels of fatigue and low energy. Furthermore, the same studies have demonstrated that patients report higher energy levels when doctors increase patients' vitamin D supplements.[2]

This logically makes sense as well, considering individuals who live in the Midwest and other areas that have less sunlight seasonally will experience higher levels of fatigue. They need more vitamin D to find some vitality.

2. Bone, Joint, and Muscle Pain

Body Pain

Vitamin D keeps your bones strong*. So when you're suffering from a severe vitamin D deficiency, you're going to feel pain as deep as your bones.

You'll also experience joint and muscle pain. This won't result from a recent workout. Instead, you're going to wake up with creaky joints that ache all day.

Your muscles may feel tight and achy as well.

Researchers have long associated obesity with vitamin D deficiency.[3] However, obesity could also cause some of the other associated problems with vitamin D deficiency. For example, your bones, muscles, and joints will naturally hurt when you're carrying extra weight.

3. Irritability


Perhaps you've found yourself snapping irrationally at your loved ones. Then later in the day, you look back and wonder why you lost it. You wonder if you're losing your mind because you almost feel like you've had an out-of-body experience.

Low energy levels and increased pain will accompany irritability. When the things that generally should not bother you drive you crazy, you may just need a good dose of vitamin D.*

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4. Anxiety


Along with irritability, individuals that suffer from vitamin D deficiency will experience unexplained levels of anxiety.[4] If you find yourself with irrational worries, a healthy dose of vitamin D could help you.* You will have a more balanced perspective and just a generally calmer demeanor.

5. Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Individuals with a vitamin D deficiency find themselves tired and generally low on energy. As a result, they begin to gain weight. In fact, studies have shown a correlation between obesity and vitamin D deficiencies. [3]

Scientists notice the correlation between low vitamin D levels and obesity, though they disagree on which condition causes which. Some will argue that obesity leads to low vitamin D levels, while others will say that insufficient vitamin D causes obesity.

Either way, all agree that more vitamin D can help alleviate the problem of weight gain and subsequent obesity.*

6. Hair Loss

Hair loss

Scientists have also linked low vitamin D levels with severe hair loss. [5] In particular, scientists have noticed low vitamin D levels in alopecia. This condition leads to large patches of baldness in children and adults.

7. Depression


Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D and other essential nutrients lead to depression. [6] In addition, individuals who live in areas of the United States with less sunshine exposure, think North Dakota, experience higher rates of depression than the sunnier areas of the nation.

On a positive note if the above symptoms stem from vitamin D deficiency, then a good vitamin D supplement can help alleviate many problems*.

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Benefits of Vitamin D3

Liposomal vitamin D benefits will blow your mind once you experience them. They can become a part of your already healthy lifestyle or become the jump start of an all-new you. Regardless, they may improve your health.*

  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports optimal calcium absorption*
  • Helps with strengthening bones*
  • Supports dental health*
  • Helps to support positive mood*
  • Supports optimal immune system function*
  • Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory systems*
  • Supports generally improved overall health*

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