Liposomal Sleep Complex

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Enjoy a better night's sleep without morning grogginess with our all-natural Liposomal Sleep Complex*

A good night’s rest is rejuvenating, a night of tossing and turning sets you up for a bad day. Our all-natural sleep aid blend of GABA, melatonin, and glutathione can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.* Poor sleep has been shown to contribute to weight gain, depression, poor motor function, an aged appearance, diabetes, and many other negative health outcomes. By using advanced liposomal technology, our Liposomal Sleep Complex is able to be more readily absorbed into the bloodstream for fast, deep sleep when you need it most.*

Manna Liposomal Sleep Complex does more than support the body's ability to sleep better.* Sleeping soundly is the top benefit, but it doesn't stop there!

Some of the benefits of Liposomal Sleep Complex include:: 

  • Supports cognitive sharpness, clarity, and memory*
  • Supports healthy vision*
  • Can help with mood during long, dark winter months when days are short and the ability to get outside is limited*
  • Supports a healthy immune systems*
  • Promotes youthful feel and look*