What are liposomes?

Liposomes are microscopic molecules (phospholipids) that are very similar to cell membranes in your body. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to infuse vitamins, nutrients, and other active compounds into liposomes to protect them against digestive processes for increased delivery into the bloodstream and throughout the body.

What makes liposomal vitamins so much better than traditional supplements?

Because these liposome-wrapped vitamins share the same phospholipid membrane as cells, they are able to utilize your body's natural nutrient delivery system for significantly increased absorption rates. Unlike traditional supplements, liposomes protect the enclosed vitamin from being broken down through digestion before it can actually reach the bloodstream.

Do all vitamins/supplements need to be liposomal?

Not all vitamins and nutrients benefit the same from liposomal formulation, but quality nutrients and sourcing varies widely in the industry. This is why Manna Vitamins offers a limited selection of the highest-quality, science-backed options. While water soluble vitamins like vitamin C have limited absorption and benefit greatly from liposomal encapsulation, many adults have deficiencies of easier to absorb fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin D. The unique chemical makeup and behavior of various other nutrients that act as antioxidants can also determine whether or not they warrant liposomal technology. Liposomal technology isn’t cheap, and Manna Vitamins doesn’t cut corners. You can count on us to bring you only the highest quality, thoroughly-researched liposomal supplements at affordable prices.

Does it matter what kind of liposomes are used or how they are created?

Yes! We use only the highest quality all-natural, non-GMO sunflowers to generate our lipids.


How do I take Manna's liquid supplements?

Our liposomal formulas are drinkable liquids. You can take them directly from the bottle or from a measuring spoon. You can also mix the supplement into a small glass of water or juice to take quickly for a less noticeable taste. We recommend daily use for best results!

How much of the supplement do I take?

Each of our supplements has a unique daily serving size. Please refer to the Supplement Facts box on the bottle and read all directions. If you have trouble seeing the print, supplement facts are also included in the image gallery on each of our product pages for your review. Feel free to contact our customer care team if you need help!

When do I take the supplement/can I take it on an empty stomach?

You can take the recommended daily serving size at any time of day, either with or without food. Taking the liposomal formula on an empty stomach followed by liquids may help speed up absorption, causing you to feel the benefits faster on a daily basis. But you will benefit from the same high absorption rate either way with our cutting-edge formula.

Consistency is key for best results, so we recommend taking at the same time daily to build a routine that you can commit to.

How many doses are in one bottle?

Manna supplements offer a variation in serving sizes to better suit our customers needs. Some contain 15, 16 or 20 day servings while others contain a 30-day supply. Please check the Supplement Facts box on the bottle or our website's product page for details. You can sign up for a subscription and choose a 30, 45, 60, or 90 day billing cycle to make sure you never miss a day!

Why do I have to refrigerate Manna supplements?

Manna liquid liposomal supplements are made from naturally- derived ingredients from a wide variety of foods, and just like the real food in your fridge, refrigeration keeps the supplements from spoiling. If you've left your supplement out for an extended period of time and have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team for help.

How long do I have to use the supplement after opening?

Since Manna supplements are 100% all-natural, they do expire after opening. Each product may have a different shelf-life, so please read the directions on your supplement bottle. Contact us if you have any questions!


Can I take multiple supplements at the same time?

Yes! All Manna Supplements are designed to be safely taken together in any combination of your choice. If you are concerned about potential interactions with another brand of supplement, please reach out to our customer care team with details.

Will Manna interact with any prescription medications?

Manna Supplements contain naturally occurring nutrients that are considered generally safe when taken properly. While Manna contains well-researched ingredients taken by many people with no adverse interactions, we always recommend consulting your personal healthcare provider before starting a new supplement regimen - especially if you have an existing medical condition, are taking medication, are under 18, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some supplements are known to interact with certain medications, so it's important to seek advice from a medical doctor that has knowledge of your personal health history. Please contact our customer care team if you have specific questions or concerns.

What if I experience side effects?

Most people are able to benefit wonderfully from Manna liposomal vitamins with no side effects at all. Regardless of the brand, it is possible for someone with a sensitivity to a particular supplement to experience side effects. In that case, it's always best to stop use and consult your personal health care provider for advice. Please also get in touch with our customer care team so we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Are Manna products certified organic?

Our raw materials are held to a higher degree than organic certification as their standards have not caught up to the complexity of our formulas. However, we always test for multiple contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals to ensure that our materials meet label claims. Keep in mind, we’re constantly investigating pathways to improve our products and we’ll continue to integrate certified organic raw materials into our products when they prove to be advantageous over current choices!


How quickly can I expect to see results with Manna vitamins?

No vitamin or nutrient is a cure-all, and it’s important to consider other important factors such as dietary nutrition, exercise, stress management, and the limitations of existing conditions. However, in some cases people notice improvements in health with certain supplements and continued use. Supplementation should be considered an ongoing part of maintaining overall better health.

What if I don't notice any improvements with my supplements?

Every body is different and no dietary supplement is a cure-all, nor a substitute for proper nutrition or a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to reach out to our customer care team if you have any questions or need some tips. Do not hesitate to contact us if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.