Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2

D3 helps your bones absorb calcium, and K2 activates a protein to help the calcium stick to your bone matrix. This dynamic duo ensures your bones stay strong and prevents calcium buildup and deposits in areas they don’t belong.

  • Supports Calcium Absorption for Strong Bones*
  • Assists with Dental Health and Strong Teeth*
  • Aids The Body’s Natural Anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms*
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Are your vitamins Nobel Prize worthy? In 1943 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Henrik Dam and Edward Doisy for their discovery of Vitamin K and its major health benefits for biological functions.

Strong Healthy Bones

Move over calcium, you’re not the star player anymore. Yes, calcium is needed for bone health, but D3 and K2 are the big players when it comes to absorption. In fact, if your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D3, your body will pull calcium from your bones for other uses. That means your bones become brittle and weak without the proper amount of D3.

With the added absorption of calcium there’s another vital vitamin required… K2. K2’s job is to activate the protein that binds calcium to your bone matrix. But that’s not the only job of this crucial K vitamin.

You see, an excess of calcium can lead to other harmful side effects. And K2 helps put the calcium where it belongs and keeps it away from where it doesn’t. Which means, K2 is an extremely important vitamin to make sure bone spurs don’t happen.

Heart Health 

K2 helps ensure health blood clotting and prevents excessive bleeding when blood vessels are injured. In addition, K2 activates the protein that prevents calcium buildup on your vascular walls. This allows your heart to push blood more easily to where it needs to go.

According to Joh’s Hopkins Medical Center low levels of Vitamin D is a risk factor for several severe heart issues. And several studies performed on mice show how a deficiency of the Vitamin D receptors contribute to a massive reduction in blood flow.

Overall, adding Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 to your daily routine may help reduce the workload on your heart and improve your overall health.

Balance Mood

The dynamic duo of Vitamin D3 + K2 helps to improve your overall mood and reduce the feeling of fatigue. Studies show that low levels of both Vitamin D and Vitamin K contribute to the sluggish feeling as well as increased levels of anger or irritability.

Also vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because it helps regulate and balance your neurotransmitters, which means your mood and outlook improve. Vitamin D plays a big role in helping to maintain a positive and happy mood.

Liposome Protection

Liposomes are designed to protect the delicate vitamins as they journey through your stomach… a highly destructive area meant to break down whatever enters it. The problem with this is… that means many supplemental vitamins and nutrients are destroyed before they ever get to your intestines for distribution throughout the body. So you end up needing MORE vitamins to counteract this natural process. 

We believe more isn’t better. So we added liposomes to protect the vitamins on their journey. This way, you can take LESS and be sure your supplements help support strong bones, healthy immune systems, and increase calcium absorption.


The natural bone protector, heart health, and immune support supplement.

Calcium is the building block of strong, healthy bones, but if it weren’t for Vitamins D3 and K2 calcium would wreak havoc on your body. D3 helps your bones absorb calcium, and K2 activates a protein that helps the calcium stick to your bone matrix. This dynamic duo helps your bones stay strong and prevent calcium buildup and deposits in areas they don’t belong. Which means Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 helps regulate vascular system buildup, may help reduce bone spurs, and even help reduce dental issues.

D3 and K2 are the two variants of Vitamins D and K that maximize absorption so you get the most support from your vitamins.

Other amazing benefits of Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 are:

  • Supports Calcium Absorption for Strong Bones*
  • Encourages Cardiovascular Health*
  • Improves Mood*
  • Assists with Dental Health*
  • Aids The Body’s Natural Anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms*
  • Increases Immune Function*
  • Promotes Overall Well-Being*


Cholecalciferol (D3)

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin” D3 aids in the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus throughout the body, which helps keep bones strong and a healthy immune system.

Menaquinone-7 (K2)

The discovery of this crucial vitamin received the Nobel Prize in 1943 as its essential for the function of 8 proteins that help regulate and balance the coagulation system as a whole.

Non-GMO Sunflower Oil Lecithin & Glycerin

Our liposomes are the key to protecting the quality of our vitamins. So you spend less and get more.


Take 2 milliliters (just under 1/2 teaspoon) daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Mix with cold water or juice if desired.

Shake before using. Refrigerate after opening. If unopened, store in a cool, dry place. Use within 75 days of opening.

As with all dietary supplements, seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider prior to use of this product.

Pregnant or lactating women and persons under 18 years of age should consult their qualified healthcare provider prior to use.

This product is intended for oral use only.


Gluten Free

Sugar Free


No Fillers Or Colorants Added

Hexane Free

Why People Love Manna


Liposomes are made out of the same material as a cell membrane in your body. This means that your body will recognize it as one of its own: allowing for faster and more effective absorption.


Unlike most liposomal companies that use large particles that are poorly absorbed, Manna is powered by NANOFUSE® Liposomal Technology that can deliver nutrients to your body faster and more efficiently.


As an FDA-Registered facility, we can produce high-quality supplements that other facilities cannot. Our rigorous GMP guidelines go well beyond those required to manufacture nutritional supplements.


We only use the highest quality ingredients and never use fillers or artificial sweeteners. Our natural ingredients were chosen for their specific health benefits and positive impact on your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does one bottle of Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 last?
Each bottle has about 60 servings inside when you use 2 milliliters (or just under ½ tsp)
Why are Liposomes important?
Liposomes are the armor wrapped around your vitamins to protect them on their hazardous journey through your digestive system. Which means they’re more likely to survive your harsh stomach acid and get into the intestines so they can be distributed throughout your body.
What does Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 do for me?
Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2 helps ensure strong, healthy bones. It’s also a huge contributor to healthy blood pressure, a strong immune system, balanced mood support, and even weight loss.
What makes this product better than the competition?
Our unique liposomal delivery method ensures the nutrients get to where they need to be. Plus the liquid form allows you to take this supplement without swallowing huge, hard to digest capsules.
How do you recommend using Liposomal Vitamin D3 + K2?
Shake the bottle well. Use 1/2 tsp in your favorite drink, smoothie, juice, or favorite recipe daily.