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Proven Benefits
Optimal Detoxifier
Optimal Detoxifier
Helps your liver cleanse the body of harmful toxins and impurities.*
Heart Health
Heart Health
Protects the entire cardiovascular system, and can reduce the risk of serious heart diseases.*
Immune Strength
Immune Strength
Supports an active and healthy immune system.*
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Supports your body’s natural inflammatory response.*
Liposomal Construction
Liposomal Construction
The liposomal structure of Manna’s supplements works WITH your body to enhance nutrient absorption.*
“I used to suffer from back pain and inflammation for years after the Titan games”
Manna's Liposomal Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and gets into the body 5x faster than regular pills & powders. I take one tsp everyday and my back feels so much better. I'm making this a part of my daily routine forever.
Dr Bradley Schaeffer

Board Certified Foot Surgeon with the ABFAS

TLC star of "My Feet Are Killing Me | Titan Games Athlete"

Dr Bradley Schaeffer
Why People Love Heart Health Bundle
Why People Love Heart Health Bundle
It has provided them the peace-of-mind knowing they’re protecting their heart health.
They have noticed a boost in their overall immune function.
It has boosted both their energy and mood levels.
Their quality of life has increased because they no longer live with discomforting inflammation.
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Premium Absorption

Optimized for ideal bioavailability

NANOFUSE® Technology

The industry-leading nutrient delivery method

No Binders, No Fillers

Just the essentials, no-nonsense ingredients

Liquid Formula

Great-tasting and easy to drink

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured right here at home

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is NANOFUSE® Liposomal Technology?

NANOFUSE® is a revolutionary nutrient delivery system that simultaneously super-shrinks nutrients and wraps them in a liposomal shield, mimicking the natural structure of your cell membrane so they can bypass the harsh digestive process and improve absorption.

No Fillers, No Nonsense
Gluten Free

Gluten Free



No Fillers Or Colorants Added

No Fillers Or Colorants Added

Hexane Free

Hexane Free



Real Customer Reviews
We’re inspired every day by the thousands of Manna customers sharing their success stories!
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Very impressive supplements
“I’m an athlete and I’m currently preparing for a triathlon, so I need my heart to be in tip top shape as I train for this race. My doctor told me to do breathing exercises and take a supplement to protect my heart, but I cannot bear taking pill capsules, and I felt like it wasn’t even doing anything. This trio of supplements actually covers all my bases with my heart health and started acting fast- I can tell because I don’t have any more joint pain after training (the cuurcumin is supposed to help with that) so I’d assume the rest of it is working too. Seriously, it only took 3 days for my inflammation to be gone as long as I take these, which is very impressive for a supplement. Especially because I didn’t even purchase these products with this intention, it's just a happy side effect, and I actually enjoy the taste. So happy I found Manna, can’t wait to try the others.”
Mickey B.
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Taste amazing and fast-acting
“I originally got this for my mom because she is getting a bit older and has a heart condition. I actually have heart palpitations from my anxiety, and I often suffer from inflammation (Celiac disease). So I thought, why not try it for myself… she was so happy about her vitamins and actually looked forward to taking them everyday and now I get why. They taste amazing and are fast-acting. I can feel a difference in the days I don’t take them, in my cardiovascular ability in the gym and my inflammation a lot. I’ve cut down on my pain medications, too, which was very unexpected. If I could give this 6 stars, I would. Never thought I’d be so excited about supplements. You’ve gotta try Manna.”
Barry P.
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It’s like I’m 10 years younger!
“I have so much more energy and less inflammation now that I have been on my Heart Bundle for a few months. I am able to walk for so much longer with my dog which he loves obviously, and I feel like I’m less prone to injuries now that I can move around better. I’m also protecting my heart from deadly conditions as I grow into my golden years, which makes my wife very happy that I’m taking my health seriously. These vitamins have changed my life- it’s like I’m 10 years younger!”
Mort L.
How To Enjoy Your Manna Vitamins
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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the Liposomal Heart Bundle?

The Liposomal Heart Bundle contains one bottle of Liposomal Zinc, Liposomal Curcumin and Liposomal CoQ10.

How long does one order of the Liposomal Heart Bundle last?

One order of the Liposomal Heart Bundle has 30 servings of each supplement, which is enough for a 30-day supply.

How do you recommend taking the Liposomal Heart Bundle?

We recommend taking 1 serving of each liposomal supplement every day. If you are prone to digestive sensitivities, we recommend taking your daily serving with a meal. First, you’ll want to shake the bottle well, then you’ll either take the recommended dose directly or mix it into a cool drink of your choice, such as water or juice.

Why are Liposomes so important?

Without applying liposomes to your supplement, you’re taking away the opportunity for your body to absorb all the nutrients you’re putting into it. Vitamins and minerals taken without an aid, such as liposomes, are consumed with no way to protect itself while traveling through the harsh GI tract. Liposomal encapsulation significantly increases the volume of fragile nutrients reaching their ultimate destination; your bloodstream.

Why were these 3 selected for the Heart Bundle?

CoQ10, Curcumin, and Zinc make up the perfect heart-protecting trio to keep your cardiovascular health in check. They work together to keep your inflammation down and immunity up.

Can I take the Liposomal Heart Bundle with my other supplements?

Manna products are formulated to compliment one another, and your supplement program can be tailored to fit your specific health goals. The Manna Liposomal Heart Bundle can be used in conjunction with the Manna products you’re already using. They can be mixed together or taken separately, however you prefer!

Is this made in the USA?

All Manna products are proudly made in the USA!

Do you test your supplements and check for contaminants?

Every single batch of Manna supplements must pass testing for bacterial and heavy metal contamination. In addition, every raw material used for our products must have a “Certificate of Analysis” from its supplier to prove the purity and potency of the ingredient before being accepted into the manufacturing facility.

Why is sunflower oil used in these products?

Non-GMO sunflower oil is used to create our liposomal formulas. And liposomes are what make our supplements so unique as this ability allows the nutrients to travel safely and ultimately absorb better. The amount of sunflower oil used is just a few grams per serving and contributes only a tiny amount to the poly and monounsaturated fat (the healthy fats) that you consume. Note, that there are no saturated fats (the bad fats) in our products. This amount of sunflower oil has no outstanding effect on the body whatsoever.