5 Fun Facts about Manna’s Liposomal Sleep Complex

Fun fact: Sleep is the #1 nighttime activity of choice of the entire human race. We’re not so different after all! But despite our mutual love of slumber, as many as 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping and don’t get enough shuteye [1]. 

Some turn to sleeping pills, but those can have nasty side effects and lead to addiction. Others choose a more natural route by taking supplements like GABA, glutathione, and melatonin. These supplements have been found to promote sleep naturally by regulating your body clock and also decreasing stress [2, 3]!

Here’s another fun fact: Manna combined ALL of these natural sleep-promoting nutrients into one super-powered Liposomal Sleep Complex. Below, we’ll give you the facts on how it may help you sleep better. 

1. Promotes Natural Sleep Rhythms

When your natural sleep rhythms fall out of sync, it can make you feel sleepy during the day and wide awake at night. Your sleep rhythms can be interrupted by many things, like travel, dozing off at different times each night, and even looking at your phone before bed. 

If you toss and turn all night or feel sleepy mid-day, your body might be giving you “sleep” and “wake” cues at the wrong times. Luckily, there is melatonin, your body’s natural sleep hormone. Taking some extra melatonin (like that found in Manna’s Sleep Complex) will supplement your body’s natural melatonin and may help get your sleep rhythms back on track [4].* 

With your body clock reset, you’ll likely find it easier to fall asleep quickly at night and wake up with a smile in the morning.

2. Supports Mental Clarity and Alertness

Manna’s combo of key sleep-enhancing nutrients doesn’t just help you feel drowsy when you’re ready to crash. It supports a holistic approach to healthy sleep by promoting relaxation in the evening and elevated energy, mood, and mental clarity during the day.*

Of course, when you get better sleep at night, you’ll naturally feel more alert during the day. But supplements like glutathione can take mental clarity a step further. This powerful antioxidant has been found to regulate neurotransmitters in the brain vital to communication between nerve cells [5]. That may lead to a sharper mind and a better mood.*

3. Helps Calm "Brain Noise" for Faster Sleep

Even if your body is tired when you hit the hay, your mind might be running a marathon that keeps you up all night. Intrusive and repetitive thoughts can result from stress during the day. But there are natural ways to help your mind relax before bed. 

GABA plays a big role in physical and mental relaxation. It’s created naturally in the brain, but sometimes levels can fall low. When that happens, you may feel restless and jittery, and your mind might ramble on and on—thinking about work, your next vacation, or maybe repeating a bad song you heard earlier that day.

Regardless, taking supplemental GABA may help those thoughts quiet down, leading to less stress and more sleep. In fact, GABA has been directly linked to more control over intrusive thoughts [6].* 

4. More Effective than Melatonin Alone

According to the Cleveland Clinic, supplementing with melatonin is the most effective way to combat insomnia and restlessness [7]. But melatonin alone is not always enough. 

Dr. Denniston of Los Angeles Integrative Health explains that while melatonin works for some, it might not be effective for those losing sleep due to stress or certain types of insomnia [8]. By combining melatonin with stress-fighting GABA and powerful antioxidants like glutathione, Manna’s Liposomal Sleep Complex takes a 24-hour approach to promoting healthy sleep.*

5. A Sleep Aid With No Next-Day Grogginess

Anyone who’s tried over-the-counter sleep aids knows the next morning can be rough. The groggy, near-hangover feeling can last for hours, making it hard to work and dangerous to drive. When you take natural sleep supplements like those found in Manna’s Sleep Complex, you won’t have to deal with extra grogginess or trouble waking up. In fact, you may find it a lot easier to hop out of bed. 

When your body clock is right on cue, you’ll get a burst of energy in the morning from a release of cortisol, the body’s alarm clock [9]. But this will only happen if your melatonin release is also on schedule. When you take Manna’s Sleep Complex about an hour before bed, you can count on better sleep and better mornings.*

We all love sleep. And it can get even better. Upgrading your sleep with natural liposomal nutrition may result in deeper, more restorative rest.* The cascading effects of deep sleep radiate health throughout the body. But hey, we don’t need to tell you. The immediate benefits of a good night’s sleep are pretty clear. If you’re ready to enjoy more restful nights, it’s time to try Manna’s Liposomal Sleep Complex

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Thank you for asking, Richard! Each bottle contains 30 servings, good for 30 days if taken consistently on a nightly basis.

Manna August 17, 2021

How much is in the bottle and is it a 30 day supply?

Richard Walsh August 17, 2021

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