Why Manna

Why Manna Products

The market is overwhelmed with nutritional products making all kinds of promises and claims, most of which they can’t keep or support. That’s why Manna is different. We started off with one basic and unwavering philosophy; to provide only the highest quality, unique and most effective supplements along with unparalleled customer service.

What Sets Us Apart

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a shortage of companies claiming to be the best, or have the best products. But what if a company made the commitment that efficacy and quality come before profits? Or to sell only products backed by valid scientific support as well as a long history of safe use for each and every ingredient? What if a company decided that the choice of outside manufacturers couldn’t meet its specific needs for formulations and decided to build its own facility? Is that list getting pretty short? What if there were a company that wanted to produce only products which utilized a unique delivery system for optimal nutrient delivery? We think that list would be narrowed down to just one. Manna! We truly are Vitamins Evolved.

Scientific Philosophy

Nature provides an abundance of sources for health-promoting foods and nutrients such as acerola cherries being rich sources of vitamin C and salmon as the gold-standard source of EPA/DHA oil. However, where many companies go astray is with the “more is better” philosophy of nutrient delivery. If 100mg of a particular nutrient is good then 1000mg must be better, right? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that all natural ingredients are part of a “matrix” of known and unknown support compounds found in a particular food or compound. Companies who spec high-potency, extremely isolated, single compound ingredients could easily be processing out the very support ingredients which make the main ingredient effective. In other words, more of a single nutrient is not always better. At Manna we always keep in mind this matrix of phytochemicals whenever we formulate and develop a product. This is to ensure that when you purchase and use our products you’ll receive nutrition based on ratios and amounts that nature and your body intended.

Manna Scientific Network

Manna partners with some of the brightest scientific experts available, including disciplines of human nutrition, health and disease research and cutting-edge manufacturing. Instead of simply relying on a third party to do all the heavy lifting of formulation and scientific substantiation, we task our scientific team to ensure that the ingredients we choose, the formulations we produce and claims that we make can pass the scientific “sniff test.” If not, then it can’t become a Manna product.

Unequaled Customer Care

With Manna not only are we proud of every single product we make, we pride ourselves in being there for every single customer when there is a question, comment or concern.

We know that you may have questions or concerns about our company or products, and our team of product experts is available during our Customer Service hours. No question is too hard or silly and if we don’t have the answer on hand, we’ll submit your question to our science and product team to answer it as soon as possible.

What Sets our Products Apart

The choice of nutritional products these days is absolutely dizzying. For the average consumer, all the brands, claims, hype and downright pseudoscience can make choosing the most basic products a painful process. We’ve taken a different path, however. Manna utilizes solidly proven nutritional compounds and improves upon them. We make nature better.

Manna Liposomal Technology

This new scientific approach utilizes cutting-edge nutrient delivery technology borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry. Using liposomal technology allows a significantly higher absorption rate when compared to traditional tableted, powdered and even liquid supplements.

Your cells are comprised of a “lipid bilayer” which readily allow other lipid-based compounds to enter, but can repel compounds which are non-lipid based. By encapsulating nutrients with liposomal technology, nutrients which typically are poorly assimilated into the cells are now more readily absorbed and utilized. In addition, many compounds (such as curcumin) are easily destroyed in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Our technology creates a “protective shield” that supports greater survivability of nutrients on their journey to your cells.