Liposomal Stress Bundle
Circadian Rhythm Support*
Mental Clarity and Relaxing Mood*
Immune System Boost*
The Liposomal Stress Bundle supports your body adjustment to daily stressors in hopes of preventing rising levels from taking a harsh toll on both your body and mind.*
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Proven Benefits
Relaxation & Restful Sleep
Relaxation & Restful Sleep
Helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, while promoting a state of calmness.*
Mental Clarity & Mood
Mental Clarity & Mood
Promotes calm and peacefulness in the body and mind, for a more alert and focused day.*
Immune Strength
Immune Strength
Supports complete immune system health to relieve your body of excess stress.*
Liposomal Construction
Liposomal Construction
The liposomal structure of Manna’s supplements works WITH your body to enhance nutrient absorption.*
Why People Love Liposomal Stress Bundle
Why People Love Liposomal Stress Bundle
They have found an easy, natural solution to manage the physical and mental effects of stress.
Winding down and falling asleep has become easier for them each night.
They have gained control over their overall mood swings and feelings of stress.
It has eased the worry of their high-stress environment impacting their health.
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Premium Absorption

Optimized for ideal bioavailability

NANOFUSE® Technology

The industry-leading nutrient delivery method

No Binders, No Fillers

Just the essentials, no-nonsense ingredients

Liquid Formula

Great-tasting and easy to drink

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured right here at home

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is NANOFUSE® Liposomal Technology?

NANOFUSE® is a revolutionary nutrient delivery system that simultaneously super-shrinks nutrients and wraps them in a liposomal shield, mimicking the natural structure of your cell membrane so they can bypass the harsh digestive process and improve absorption.

No Fillers, No Nonsense


Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Sugar Free



No Fillers Or Colorants Added

No Fillers Or Colorants Added

Hexane Free

Hexane Free

Real Customer Reviews
We’re inspired every day by the thousands of Manna customers sharing their success stories!
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Only the healthiest and best ingredients
“Drastically helps with the everyday stress and the bouts of anxiety I sometimes have, especially after I became a mom. I love that each supplement contains only the healthiest and best ingredients."
Charlotte B.
review photo
Feel more like myself again
“I just wanna say I love this bundle. I feel more calm and relaxed throughout my day and my mood is just overall more positive! I’m starting to feel more like myself again, regardless of what life throws my way.”
Noah E.
review photo
Feel so much more energized
“I feel calmer, happier, and absolutely less stressed! Plus, my body feels so much more energized because of how great of sleep I’m getting every night. I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling so rested!”
Jacob R.
How To Enjoy Your Manna Vitamins
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Frequently Asked Questions
What comes with the Liposomal Stress Bundle?
The Liposomal Stress Bundle contains one bottle of Liposomal Magnesium, Liposomal Stress Complex and Liposomal Immune.
How long does one order of the Liposomal Stress Bundle last?
One order of the Liposomal Immune Bundle has 30 servings of each supplement, which is enough for a 30-day supply.
How should the Liposomal Stress Bundle be stored?
The Liposomal Stress Bundle should be refrigerated upon arrival. Try to avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat.
How do you recommend taking the Liposomal Stress Bundle?
We recommend taking 1 serving of each liposomal supplement per day, right before bed. Both Liposomal Immune and Liposomal Magnesium can be taken at any time of the day if preferred. Each supplement can be taken directly from the bottle separately, or mixed all together with a drink of your choice, such as water or juice. Avoid mixing with hot liquids and always stir by hand to maintain the structure of the liposomes.
Why are Liposomes so important?
Without applying liposomes to your supplement, you’re taking away the opportunity for your body to absorb all the nutrients you’re putting into it. Vitamins and minerals taken without an aid, such as liposomes, are consumed with no way to protect itself while traveling through the harsh GI tract. Liposomal encapsulation significantly increases the volume of fragile nutrients reaching their ultimate destination; your bloodstream.
Why were these 3 selected for the Stress Bundle?
Magnesium, Zinc, and Sleep Complex are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Whether you want to take these all at once for a peaceful evening, or throughout the day to keep you relaxed is up to you. The ingredients in these formulas work together to keep you at ease and prevent stress from sneaking up on your body and mind.
Can I take the Liposomal Stress Bundle with my other supplements?
Manna products are formulated to compliment one another, and your supplement program can be tailored to fit your specific health goals. The Manna Liposomal Stress Bundle can be used in conjunction with the Manna products you’re already using. They can be mixed together or taken separately, however you prefer!
Is this made in the USA?
All Manna products are proudly made in the USA!
Do you test your supplements and check for contaminants?
Every single batch of Manna supplements must pass testing for bacterial and heavy metal contamination. In addition, every raw material used for our products must have a “Certificate of Analysis” from its supplier to prove the purity and potency of the ingredient before being accepted into the manufacturing facility.
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