Liposomal Immune+

Your body is constantly bombarded with toxins, germs, and viruses that aim to harm you. Immune Support is your knight in shining armor - there to help block those attacks so your immune system can do what it does best.

  • Promotes optimal immune function*
  • Supports healthy skin and hair*
  • Aids detox and helps fight free radicals*
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Immune Support

Move over vitamin C. There’s new research that shows vitamin C is only a small part of the equation when it comes to colds, flu, and other immune responses. That’s why Immune Support covers not only the highest quality of vitamin C sources, but we also add 4 additional immune super nutrients. So you can fight whatever ails you faster and get back to living your life.

As an added bonus, the vitamins and minerals in Immune Support are safe to take every day. So your immune system can be ready to tackle the next invader before it can even cause you to sneeze.

Liposome Protectors

80% of your immune system comes from the gut. So your vitamins need to survive the journey through the hard GI Tract. That’s where the liposome armor really shines. Liposomes are designed to protect the delicate nutrients as they journey through your stomach… a highly destructive area meant to break down whatever enters it. The problem with this is… that means many vitamins are destroyed before they ever get to your gut for distribution throughout the body. So you end up needing MORE vitamins to counteract this natural process. 

We believe more isn’t better. So we added liposomes to protect the vitamins on their journey. This way, you can take LESS and be sure your supplements can help aid the immune system because they make it there intact.

Overall Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps keep your body functioning at its best. Our Immune Support is no different. With more than 12 vitamins and minerals from some of the best ingredients around the world, Immune Support helps boost your mood, fight infections, and lower recovery time.

As an added bonus, the natural vitamins help keep chronic conditions at bay and improves the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails. Plus, the amazing antioxidants found in Immune Support also help improve memory activity, may help regulate blood flow, and may even help reduce weight.


There’s no shortage of germs in the world today. From simple viruses to more dangerous infections. Your immune system is working overtime. Give it the help and support it needs with a powerful boost of vitamins and minerals designed to keep your immune system operating at peak efficiency. Our unique blend of vitamin C, Elderberry, Goji Juice, and other natural ingredients combined with the protective power of liposomes ensures your immune system gets the help it needs so you can take charge of your day.

Immune Support is vital for these areas:

  • Promotes Optimal Immune Function
  • Supports Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Aids Detox and Free Radical 
  • Boosts Energy and Mood
  • Encourages Overall Health and Wellbeing
  • May Help Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease
  • May Reduce Length and Severity of Colds


Acerola Cherry

One of the richest natural sources of vitamin C on the planet. Nearly 100 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Rose Hips

High concentration of polyphenols, Vitamin A, C, and E. Which help your immune system maintain proper function.

Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus Embilica)

Traditionally used in Eastern Medicine, this fruit helps fight chronic disease and other age-related illnesses.

Elderberry Juice

Helps regulate your innate immune system so it can wrap around and isolate foreign objects in your body. May help combat and shorten flu symptoms.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Helps regulate your intestinal mucus and immune activity and protects the body from pathogens that enter through the mouth or nose.

Echinacea whole Plant Extract

Helps increase the number of white blood cells which fight infections.

Goji Berry

Powerful source of antioxidants to help fight free radicals and harmful inflammation. Also, a natural ingredient rich in vitamin A and C.

Vitamin E

Assists in cell membrane integrity and helps regulate the production of key proteins which affect healthy immune function.

Vitamin B12

The energy boost you need to fight infections while keeping up with your daily life. All without the crash.

Vitamin D3

A potent immune regulator and the stimulus for your innate antimicrobial responses.

Vitamin K2

Prevents a breakdown of bone material and regulates the absorption of calcium. Vitamin K2 also helps restrain the reproduction of T-cells.

Vitamin C

The “common cold” vitamin. Vitamin C plays an important role in your ability to reduce the risk and even shorten the duration of infections.


Supports the suppression and reduced susceptibility of pathogens. Which helps your immune system fight infections before they take hold.

Non-GMO Sunflower Oil Lecithin & Glycerin

Our liposomes are the key to protecting the quality of our vitamins. So you spend less and get more.


Take 1 packet daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Mix with cold water or juice if desired.

Shake before using.

As with all dietary supplements, seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider prior to use of this product.

Pregnant or lactating women and persons under 18 years of age should consult their qualified healthcare provider prior to use.

This product is intended for oral use only.


Gluten Free

Sugar Free


No Fillers Or Colorants Added

Hexane Free

Why People Love Manna


Liposomes are made out of the same material as a cell membrane in your body. This means that your body will recognize it as one of its own: allowing for faster and more effective absorption.


Unlike most liposomal companies that use large particles that are poorly absorbed, Manna is powered by NANOFUSE® Liposomal Technology that can deliver nutrients to your body faster and more efficiently.


As an FDA-Registered facility, we can produce high-quality supplements that other facilities cannot. Our rigorous GMP guidelines go well beyond those required to manufacture nutritional supplements.


We only use the highest quality ingredients and never use fillers or artificial sweeteners. Our natural ingredients were chosen for their specific health benefits and positive impact on your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does one bottle of Liposomal Immune Support last?
Each bottle has about 30 servings inside. Use one packet a day for best results.
Why are Liposomes important?
Liposomes help deliver the nutrients to the right part of the body safely. They protect the delicate vitamins, hormones, and antioxidants from your harsh stomach acid and other contaminants in your GI tract.
What does Liposomal Immune Support do for me?
Liposomal Immune Support helps keep body invaders away. From the sneezes and sniffles, to other more powerful intruders, your immune system is designed to keep you healthy. Immune Support ensures your immune system has all the nutrients it needs to operate properly.
What makes this product better than the competition?
Our unique liposomal delivery method ensures the nutrients get to where they need to be. Plus the liquid form allows you to take this supplement without swallowing hard to digest capsules.
How do you recommend using Liposomal Immune Support?
Empty One (1) packet into a glass of water or your favorite drink or smoothie and stir well.