Our Story

I have always HATED supplements. Not so much the supplements themselves, but the companies marketing them. Not all of them, and not equally. But the supplements industry is mostly marketing nonsense, and jam packed with those trying to make a quick buck the easiest way possible off of hard working people searching for better health. Most products have no chance of fulfilling the promises made.

I know supplements can be a powerful factor in improving and optimizing your health, but like most people, I also know that much of what’s taken in pills and powders ends up as waste. Out of principle I’ve refused to give my hard earned money away for products I know will have limited actual effect, other than giving me the feel goods.

The last straw came when I had my own children. Gummy sugar-ridden vitamins? Is this the best we can do in the era of quantum supercomputers, commercial space travel, and the mapping of the human genome? My children deserve better.

That’s why, when I heard of liposomes, I knew this could change the world.

Liposomes are a scientifically proven, completely safe scientific discovery that use natural ingredients to make the vitamins and nutrients you take actually ABSORB. The vitamins you take are only as good as their ability to absorb. That’s why pharmaceutical companies have used this discovery for decades in some of their most expensive medicines to ensure maximized absorption, drugs costing thousands or even TENS of thousands of dollars per month.

But why stop there? Why can’t we apply this same technology to vitamins and nutrients BEFORE someone is sick, I thought. Why wouldn’t we use this amazing scientific discovery for ALL of our vitamins and nutrients?

Because it’s expensive - VERY expensive. Not just to reinvent the entire way the supplements industry works, but also to get the word out to everyday people that now there is a better way.

We threw caution to the wind - this is the RIGHT thing to do. People NEED this. And after all, this is America; the entrepreneurial spirit and drive ALWAYS has a chance.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve spent years working with the best minds planning, experimenting, and formulating. We've made the same expensive technology used by big pharma affordable and accessible to everyone. And we've done so while keeping our manufacturing in the USA, creating jobs for and hiring USA talent. We’ve invested everything we have into this. These are the BEST supplements you can get.

This is Manna.

I am very proud of the product we’ve created, and the team that’s brought us to this point. I hope we can help bring optimal health to you and your family.