I had always thought my wife and I kept a pretty healthy house, we worked hard to make sure the meals we were making had plenty of fruits and veggies, and made a point to teach our kids about healthy choices.

But after the same cold made its rounds through our family more than once I started to look into what else we could be doing. I was shocked to find the supplements we had been taking for years, had shown in most studies to have very low if any absorption abilities.

This was just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey for me and my family into health and the creation of Manna.

We felt everyone should have access to vitamins that work, and spent years side by side with a team of experts figuring out to make this a reality. I am proud of the product we have created and of my family for all of the encouragement and support they have provided on this long road.

From my family to yours, welcome to Manna!