Our Story

Stop wasting money on supplements that don't work.

I've always HATED supplements. Well... not the supplements themselves... but rather, the companies that sell them. Mainly because much of the marketing is all nonsense. Not to mention many of the companies out there are simply trying to make a quick buck off hard working people searching for a healthier life.

Now, I know supplements can be a powerful factor to improve and optimize your health. However, like many people I also believed that much of what's available on the market ends up going down the toilet. So, out of sheer principle I refused to give my hard-earned money away for products I know had limited effect.

The last straw came when I became a father. Sugar-ridden gummy vitamins? Really!?! Is this the best we can do in the era of quantum supercomputers, commercial space travel, and the mapping of the human genome?

My children deserve better! YOU deserve better.

That's why, I went searching for a better option. And I found it with liposomes. Now, I'm not gonna tell you I developed the technology.. because I didn't. An amazing British scientist did back in the 1960s. Liposomes are scientifically proven and completely safe. They protect the vitamins and nutrients to ensure you actually ABSORB them into your bloodstream. (Because your vitamins are only as good as their ability to be absorbed.)

In fact, Liposomes were such a huge discovery that pharmaceutical companies use this technology in some of their most expensive medicines to help it get past the harsh environment in your stomach. They've done it for decades, and these companies spend TENS of thousands of dollars on liposome technology every month.

But why is this game-changer only used in expensive pharmaceuticals? Why can't we apply this same technology to supplements so you can take advantage of modern technology BEFORE you get sick.

The answer, sadly is because of money. You see, liposomes are expensive. VERY expensive. Not only because we had to reinvent the entire way supplements were created. But we flipped the supplement industry on its head. AND, we have to get the word out. Because there IS a better way.

Introducing the Next Generation of Supplements

We threw all caution to the wind... because liposomes (and making the ability to keep your vitamins SAFE during consumption) is the RIGHT thing to do. It helps reduce the amount of vitamins you need to get the job done. Which saves you money in the long run.

So, we spent years working with the best minds in supplement formulation to develop a truly unique and revolutionary supplement line just for you. These are hands down the BEST supplements you can get.

We made expensive pharmaceutical technology available, affordable, and accessible for EVERYONE. And we did it right here in the good ol' USA. From manufacturing to your door, everything happens in our country. We create jobs for and hire the best American talent to make our supplements. We're proud of who we are and the products we make for you.

We are Manna.

Welcome to the family.