Redefining functional nutrition through vitamins evolved.

Honest nutrition first

Inspired by our mission, we started Manna to bring high-quality and honest nutrition to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Supplements can be a powerful factor to improve and optimize your health, but not all vitamins are created equal. To give those looking to achieve whole-body wellness, we developed an honest approach to provide our bodies with the gold-standard of supplements.

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Nutritional Philosophy, Backed By Science:

Our nutritional philosophy surrounds our belief that achieving optimal health should be treated like a marathon, rather than a race. The best way to take ownership over your own personal health journey is to start with the basics, or what we call foundational nutrition.

After years of research, we discovered nature’s best nutritional sources and developed the most advanced absorption technology to provide your body with the best and most honest supplements around. Manna supplements are crafted with love, knowledge, transparency and excellence so you can feel empowered each and every day.

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We are manna

The word ‘Manna’ has been used throughout many cultures for hundreds of years. While some define it as the miraculous food once supplied from heaven, others simply refer to it as a divine, health-promoting food or nutrient.

We believe the wonders of nature provide an abundance of sources to help us all achieve optimal health. We truly push the envelope to provide the highest quality and most effective supplements out there, so your mind and body can feel the best, and accomplish the most. We are Manna.

A message from our founder

“It all started when a guy walked into a vitamin store… Yes, that guy was me. I already knew supplements were a powerful factor to improve and optimize my health. However, like many people I was quick to discover much of what’s available on the market is highly misleading. So, out of sheer principle I refused to give my hard-earned money away for products I knew had a limited effect.

The last straw came when I became a father. Sugar-ridden gummy vitamins? Really? Is this the best we can do in the era of quantum supercomputers, commercial space travel, and the mapping of the human genome?

My family deserves better! Your family deserves better! YOU deserve better.

I was determined to search for a better option and came out empty-handed. So I formed a team of highly skilled scientists and nutritionists to assist me in building an honest and effective supplement company for everyone.

This is Manna.”

Jeff Hill Founder & CEO

A message from our founder
Formulated with care

We’re committed to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Manna is rigorously GMP-compliant to represent the gold standard of supplements. Outside manufacturers couldn’t meet our standards to produce the highest-quality supplements you deserve! That’s why we built our own facility, right here in the USA, to ensure you’re getting supplements you can truly trust!