Inflammation: The Biggest Health Crisis Nobody Is Talking About


Millions of people suffer from chronic pain every year and the cost to get treatment keeps getting more and more expensive. In fact, the average insurance cost has increased 53% over the last five years. - This life changing product couldn’t come at a better time.

Invasive surgeries, expensive doctor visits, harmful NSAID pills are just a few of the many reasons why pain sufferers like you and I are frustrated. We keep spending more money only to be left disappointed and broke.

Well I am going to let you in on a little secret. Drug companies and doctors make way more money treating symptoms than actually solving the problem. Sad I know but it's the cold hard truth. Think about it, there is a lot more money to be made by treating someone than curing them.


Fortunately for us most pain and disease is caused by one easily treatable source. The scary part is that most doctors don’t even look for it! What is it you might ask? We are of course talking about inflammation.

Inflammation is the root cause of most pain and directly linked to chronic inflammatory diseases like stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.


If left untreated inflammation wreaks havoc on our bodies. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Chronic inflammatory diseases as the greatest threat to human health.”

Over 125 million Americans have at least one form of chronic inflammation. That number is expected to nearly double by 2040!

You might be asking yourself, "do I have chronic inflammation?" Here are a few easy ways to tell. Symptoms of inflammation include:

  • Body pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression, anxiety and mood disorders
  • Gastrointestinal complications like constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Frequent illnesses

The Dangers Of Advil, Aleve And NSAID’s


You've probably taken some form of NSAID (anti-inflammatory) like Aleve for pain. Sold at most stores, these drugs may seem harmless, but they often do more harm than good.

In fact, the FDA has warned that NSAIDs increase heart attack risk. The MayoClinic also claims that NSAIDs are the leading cause of liver damage.

Eliminate Pain And Inflammation At The Source

The best way to lower pain and inflammation has been around for thousands of years. In fact, many doctors claim that it's the best way to eliminate inflammation on earth. The best part… it's completely safe and has no adverse side effects. What is this you might be asking? The answer is Liposomal Curcumin.


Curcumin is one of the most powerful supplements available today. Its long list of scientifically proven benefits makes it a no brainer for people of all ages.

  • Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Help Delay Aging and Fight Age-Related Chronic Diseases
  • Increase the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body
  • Linked to Improved Brain Function
  • Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease
  • Helps Reduce Arthritis Symptoms

Where To Get Liposomal Curcumin

The benefits are Curcumin are absolutely staggering. However that doesn't mean all Curcumin supplements are created equal. In fact, most supplements today are a total waste of money. The brands found in grocery stores, drug stores and on amazon almost all use low quality pills and powders.

The best way to take Curcumin (or any Vitamin) is in liquid form with Liposomes. Liposomal vitamins are absorbed into the blood stream, and aren’t digested in the stomach like pills and powders. (Liposomal Curcumin absorbs 800% better than other methods).

Manna is the best brand to buy from. Their Liposomal Curcumin was developed by doctors and is clinically proven to work. Just one teaspoon a day dramatically lowers inflammation. They also have a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and give free shipping when you buy 2 or more bottles.

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What Do Others Think?

“Manna’s curcurcumin is so powerful. It get’s in your body 5x faster and is not excreted like regular pills and powders. I’m personally taking 1 tsp everyday. My inflammation pain is better, I cannot wait to make this a daily thing for the rest of my life.” Dr. Brad Schaeffer (the Fit Foot Doctor on TLC's ‘My Feet Are Killing Me’)

“I absolutely love my Manna Liposomal Curcumin! It is the perfect way to help fight inflammation and recovery from my intense Olympic training routine. They taste great and are great for me!” Khamica Bingham (2-time World Championship finalist and Olympic Sprinter)

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