Liposomal Curcumin With Resveratrol

Curcumin with Resveratrol is the perfect pair. The scientifically-backed medicinal properties of curcumin and resveratrol show how each ingredient enhances the antioxidant abilities of the other. Which means you get twice the inflammation fighting power in one single serving.

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties*
  • Protects against premature aging*
  • Supports joint health and mobility*
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Natural Anti-Inflammatory 

Inflammation is a natural response from your immune system. In fact, it’s the second stage of any immune response. Because in order to protect your body from harm your immune system creates a protective barrier between your cells and the foreign invader. This is what inflammation is designed for.

The problem comes when you have long-term - or chronic - inflammation. What causes chronic inflammation? Untreated acute inflammation. Autoimmune diseases. Obesity. And Stress.

Chronic inflammation is when your body has too much inflammation around your cells from stress or other sustained immune responses. This causes excessive pain in joints as well as unhealthy weight gains.

The anti-inflammatory properties of both curcumin and resveratrol help control inflammation. This helps reduce pain in a safe and natural way.

Healthy Brain Functions

Curcumin is the subject of several long-term studies around BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a type of growth hormone that’s critical to brain function. 

Low levels of BDNF are linked to several debilitating brain disorders like memory loss, violent mood swings, and a shrinking hippocampus - the part of the brain responsible for learning.

Resveratrol research shows how it may interfere with beta-amyloids - a protein responsible for plaque build-up which slows your ability to process thoughts. This plaque build-up is a risk factor for several age-related brain disorders.

The choice combo of curcumin with resveratrol still needs more research, but preliminary data shows it has a lot of potential to help increase brain function as you age.

Liposomal Technology 

Created in 1961 as a protective barrier for pharmaceuticals, liposomes wrap around the vitamins and minerals at the molecular level. This barrier helps our supplements pass safely through your gastrointestinal tract and into your bloodstream. 

The NanoTechnology of liposomes means you don’t waste money on expensive supplements that break down in your stomach or get caught by your liver to be flushed down the toilet. So you can experience all the benefits of our nutrients with lower, safer servings than nearly every other supplement on the market today.


A dynamic duo designed to help you reduce painful inflammation.

You may have heard about curcumin as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Resveratrol is another strong antioxidant found mainly in red wine, grapes, and some berries. And when you combine curcumin with resveratrol you enhance the benefits of both amazing ingredients. From immune and skin health to brain and joint function, curcumin with resveratrol is the one stop shop you need to reduce painful swelling as well as help lower bad cholesterol.

Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol sets the pain-fighting standard because it:

  • Promotes Joint Health*
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function*
  • Regulates Healthy Inflammatory Responses*
  • Helps Inhibit Blood Clots*
  • Supports Normal Immune Functions*
  • Encourages Optimal Detox*
  • Reduces Free Radicals*
  • Promotes Skin and Heart Health*

Curcuminoids (from Turmeric Root)

Turmeric is a type of herb belonging to the ginger family, which is widely grown in the southern and southwestern tropical region of Asia.

Turmeric is also known to have been used for centuries in India and China for the medical treatments of illnesses such as dermatologic diseases, infection, stress, and depression.

Curcumin, which is the compound in turmeric that contributes the greatest biological activity, has been the subject of tremendous research and has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. And, thanks to these effects, it plays an important role in combating various illnesses ranging notably from cancer to autoimmune, neurological, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetes.

Resveratrol (from Japanese Knotweed Root)

A powerful antioxidant which benefits your brain, blood pressure, and joint health.

Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin + Glycerin

NanoTechnology designed to protect vitamins and nutrients at the molecular level to safely travel through your GI tract.


Take 6 milliliters (just over one teaspoon) daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Mix with cold water or juice if desired.

Shake before using. Refrigerate after opening. If unopened, store in a cool dry place.

As with all dietary supplements, seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider prior to use of this product.

Pregnant or lactating women and persons under 18 years of age should consult their qualified healthcare provider prior to use.

This product is intended for oral use only.


Gluten Free

Sugar Free


No Fillers Or Colorants Added

Hexane Free

Why People Love Manna


Liposomes are made out of the same material as a cell membrane in your body. This means that your body will recognize it as one of its own: allowing for faster and more effective absorption.


Unlike most liposomal companies that use large particles that are poorly absorbed, Manna is powered by NANOFUSE® Liposomal Technology that can deliver nutrients to your body faster and more efficiently.


As an FDA-Registered facility, we can produce high-quality supplements that other facilities cannot. Our rigorous GMP guidelines go well beyond those required to manufacture nutritional supplements.


We only use the highest quality ingredients and never use fillers or artificial sweeteners. Our natural ingredients were chosen for their specific health benefits and positive impact on your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does one bottle of Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol last?
Each bottle has about 30 servings inside when you use 1 tsp per serving.
Why are Liposomes important?
Liposomes help deliver the nutrients to the right part of the body safely. They protect the delicate vitamins, hormones, and antioxidants from your harsh stomach acid and other contaminants in your GI tract.
What does Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol do for me?
Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol helps naturally reduce inflammation, increase healthy brain activity, reduce joint pain, and remove oxidative stress.
What makes this product better than the competition?
Our unique liposomal delivery method ensures the nutrients get to where they need to be. Plus the liquid form allows you to take this supplement without swallowing hard to digest capsules.
How do you recommend using Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol?
Shake the bottle well. Use 1 tsp in your favorite drink, smoothie, juice, or favorite recipe daily.