Liposomal Magnesium

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Support Your Brain Health And Memory With Our All-Natural Liposomal Magnesium!*

Magnesium plays such an important role in our health that it is considered an essential nutrient. This powerful mineral is essential for brain, heart, and bone health. But even though magnesium is vital to all of the body's functions, around half of the US population is deficient! Magnesium can be very difficult to absorb; that's where Manna comes in. Manna creates a protective lipid bubble which cells recognize and help it along the way to your bloodstream.*

Some of the top benefits of Magnesium include: 

  • Support peak performance during exercise and recovery*
  • Supports healthy modulation of blood pressure*
  • Critical for heart health and function*
  • Supports positive well-being*
  • Supports memory retention and cognitive function as you age*
  • May help with discomfort associated with PMS*
  • Supports joint health and promotes full range of motion*