Liposomal Vitamin C

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Support your immune and blood systems with quality Vitamin C designed to get where it needs to go!

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin your body can’t produce. So you must get it through nutrition and supplementation. Unfortunately, most supplements get damaged or destroyed in the harsh environment of your stomach.

That’s why we created Advanced Liposomal Vitamin C. Our Vitamin C is protected by liposomal technology which acts as a suit of armor around your vitamins. This allows our nutrients to pass safely through the stomach and into the intestines for maximum absorption.

Because vitamin C’s top benefits include:

* Helps Boost Immunity

* Helps Shorten Wound Healing Time

* Decreases the Duration and Severity of Common Colds

* Helps Relax Blood Vessels

* Supports Iron Absorption

* Aids Memory and Ability to Think

* Supports Collagen Production and Healthy Skin

* May Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease