Liposomal CoQ10

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Support Your Immunity And Heart Health With Our High Absorbing, All-Natural Liposomal CoQ10!*

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that your body produces naturally to aid in immune responses, energy production, growth, and cell maintenance.* Over time, your body produces less CoQ10, which has been linked to physical fatigue, muscle weakness, and chronic disease.* CoQ10 has a slow and limited absorption time, meaning that your body either needs a massive dose or a highly effective delivery method to get the daily recommended amount. That is where Manna Liposomal COQ10 comes in, with the highest bioavailability, you can be sure you are getting what your body needs. *

Other health benefits to supplementing with CoQ10:  

  • May reduce risk of chronic disease*
  • Supports fertility for men and women*
  • May improve skin health and decrease risk of developing sun and age-related skin damage*
  • May improve brain health, or slow effects of age-related mental decline*
  • Can protect the respiratory system from oxidative damage*
  • Can support a healthy blood sugar balance*
  • Supports joint health and mobility*
  • Supports post-exercise muscle recovery*

      Take daily for best results!