What’s the Best Way to Hydrate?

What’s the best way to hydrate? It might sound like a silly question. Drink water and lots of it, of course! That’s what you’ve been told for your entire life at least. However, studies have found plain old water isn’t always the best or only way to promote balanced hydration throughout your body [1].

In fact, a study by St. Andrews University found that while gulping down plain old H2O displayed many obvious benefits, proper hydration was actually dependent on so many more factors [2]. This includes the nutrients, electrolytes, and proteins in your food and drinks (yes, you can hydrate with food too!). Your diet and lifestyle also impact your hydration. When you work out for example, you need more than just water to replenish your body. 

So, how do you maximize hydration for your body? When nutrition and fluids combine forces, your cells absorb more fluids, leaving you feeling your best! We’ll tell you how to achieve the utmost hydration down below! 

The Secret to Healthy Hydration 

The secret to healthy hydration is all about balance. You need to include H2O into your hydration regime of course, while also adding salts, calories, electrolytes and sugar into the mix. These additions are crucial to maintain an adequate amount of water in your system, so it can be evenly distributed throughout your whole body! 

As soon as you start to become dehydrated, your body begins to pull water from your cells. When this occurs, it’s important to immediately rehydrate before your body loses too many fluids. Proper nutrition rehydrates your cells faster and holds the water in place, which is the perfect solution for happy, quenched cells. 

So, which nutrients keep you hydrated? 

  • Electrolytes: We call these the superstars of hydration! Electrolytes help to deliver hydration to your cells faster and more efficiently. They also conserve water within your cells to keep you hydrated for longer.  
  • Sugar: Calories in sugar help slow the passage of water through the stomach, which helps you retain fluids.
  • Protein: Protein helps you absorb more fluids, especially after exercise. 
  • Fat: Fats slow the emptying of fluids from the stomach to keep water in your system for longer.
  • Salt: Salt soaks up water like a sponge, holding it within your body. Sodium is especially important when eating diuretic foods (such as leafy vegetables).

The best way to hydrate is to combine these nutrients with your water or another beverage prior to consumption. That is the reason why athletes drink electrolyte beverages when they train. However, the most common sports drinks often contain unnecessarily high levels of sugar, calories, and artificial ingredients. 

Instead, researchers have recommended oral hydration supplements, such as our Manna Liposomal Hydration. During studies, these electrolyte and nutrient formulas were found to be 50% more effective at hydrating the body than normal water [2].  

Manna Liposomal Hydration 

Manna Liposomal Hydration is one of the most effective ways to achieve balanced hydration fast as it has been carefully formulated by nutritionists to deliver the exact concentration of nutrients you need to recharge your cells with healthy H2O. The blend of electrolytes, natural cane sugar, unrefined salt, and minerals ensures that you get more hydration from the water you drink every day. It also doesn’t contain any of the unnecessary ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and additives. 

Manna Liposomal Hydration comes in a convenient packet that fits just about anywhere, so you can take it on the go with ease! All you have to do is tear it open and add it to your water, juice, or smoothie for enhanced hydration support at any time. Our team also crafted the taste to perfection, so you can enjoy a delicious drink while you hydrate!

Factors To Promote Hydration

While Manna Liposomal Hydration might be the easiest way to promote hydration, it’s important to keep in mind other methods you can integrate into your daily routine. Here are a few other beneficial drinks other than the obvious H2O that we’d like to share with you:

Incorporate Fresh Juice

The calorie content in juice helps your body absorb more fluids, resulting in better hydration than water. But juice is also high in sugar, which can lead to weight gain and crashes. Enjoy a glass with breakfast (preferably with pulp for the healthy fiber) for a boost of hydration to start your day. After that, switch to a low-sugar alternative like tea or Manna Liposomal Hydration.  

Drinking Coconut water

Coconut water contains both electrolytes and sugar. As we stated above, these are two key players in the game of hydration! These nutrients include potassium, sodium and magnesium, which all help to replenish the body! The nutrients are naturally derived and blood sugar levels have been seen to restore more quickly with this nutrient-filled drink compared to standard H2O [3]. 

Limit Alcohol Intake 

Alcohol is considered to be a diuretic, which simply means that you’ll take more trips to the restroom than usual. Since your body relies on an adequate amount of fluid and electrolytes to stay hydrated, excessive urination can strip your body of those necessary nutrients. Avoid alcohol-induced dehydration by limiting your intake as well as supplementing your body with hydration support before, during and after consumption. Another tip we recommend is to order a glass of water simultaneously with any alcoholic beverage to reduce the chance of dehydration and the nasty hangover headache that comes along with it.

Utilize Reusable Bottles 

Something as important as hydration should never become a hassle, so finding the balance between achieving your daily water intake while managing your busy schedule should be doable, right? Sure, it may seem simple enough to just fill up a glass or buy a plastic bottle whenever you get the chance, but those opportunities may not present themselves as regularly as you think. Not only is the investment in a reusable water bottle a great contribution to reducing plastic waste, taking it with you on the go will help you stay hydrated throughout your day. Some reusable bottles can even be purchased with measurements, time markings and/or words of encouragement as motivation to track and achieve your goals. Think of it as daily hydrating milestones! You can buy a reusable bottle to suit your ideal size, favorite colors or prints to make it your latest and greatest personal accessory. 

Are you ready to hydrate the right way? If you feel tired and moody or experience brain fog during the day, you might not be getting the balanced hydration you need. Just a 1-2% loss in hydration can cause symptoms that lower your quality of life [4]. Hydrate better with Manna Liposomal Hydration and make your water work harder.* 

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