5 Tips to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Do you spend your mornings scrambling to get out the door? The snooze button might be your best friend while your head is still on the pillow, but hectic mornings can cause stressful days, overeating, poor performance at work, and overall reduced quality of life.

Remember: the morning forms the foundation for your entire day. A simple, healthy routine promotes a solid start. Nutrition is key. But so is setting healthy habits and sticking to them. Here’s how to simplify your mornings to improve your days.

1. Let The Sun Shine ☀️

Let the sunshine inSunlight is a powerful tool to fight off morning grogginess and promote alertness. According to the CDC, sunlight has a major impact on your circadian rhythm [1]. When you’re exposed to sunlight, your body will naturally start to transition to a healthy waking state as you sleep [2].

If you wake up in total darkness, your body may still be in nighttime mode, and you’ll have to make the transition to “awake” as you’re getting ready for work. it may take your body as long as an hour to fully wake up, causing stress, grogginess, and irritability.
Vitamin D3 + K2Try leaving the blinds or curtains open before you go to bed so you can wake up with the sun. Another benefit of letting the sun in is that you’ll start to absorb Vitamin D even before you wake up!

2. Morning Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Morning MeditationAs soon as you’re up, start your day off right with a short morning meditation. A brief sitting in the morning is said to prevent stress and anxiety, improve alertness, and boost awareness [3]. And no, you don’t need to put on your yoga pants or break out a meditation pad. Just sit up in bed and focus on your breathing in silence.

10 minutes is enough to reduce anxiety and boost natural energy levels. Isn’t that worth hitting the snooze button one less time?

3. Drink Your Nutrition 🍊

Drink NutritionProper nutrition is absolutely key to starting your day right—that’s something you’ve learned since childhood, right? But who has the time to chop fruit, boil eggs, slice salmon, and crunch muesli?

The truth is, getting complete nutrition in the morning is not easy—if you’re eating. But drinking your nutrition is a great way to get your vitamins and minerals, and you can do it on the way to work if you’re short on time.

Liposomal vitamins come in a liquid form, making it easy to drink your daily dose. You’ll find all of the essentials in liposomal form, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and more. You can mix all of your liposomal vitamins together in the same glass or add them to your juice or a smoothie. No more horse pills, and no more mess, and no more wasted time.

Plus, liposomal vitamins have a much higher bioavailability than normal vitamins. That means your body absorbs way more nutrition from each dose.

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4. Set Your Routine the Night Before 📝

Morning RoutineYou can’t optimize your mornings without a little prep work. Good mornings start the night before. You already know what your morning stressors are. Create a plan to counter your bad habits or make them impossible. Here are some ways to improve your mornings in the evening.

  • Choose your outfit and lay it out
  • Set your coffee maker’s timer
  • Prep your breakfast/vitamins
  • Make the kids’ lunches and choose their outfits
  • Ensure you have everything you need for work
  • Make a checklist of the things you need to do the next day

And most importantly, go to sleep on time! If you’re a night owl, taking a daily sleep complex will help promote an earlier bedtime naturally.

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5. Avoid your Phone 📵

Avoid your phoneYour phone is the enemy of healthy sleep at night and productivity in the morning. Blue light from your phone can alter your hormonal cycle (circadian rhythm), making it harder to fall asleep and boosting stress [4]. And in the morning? How many times have you lost track of time scrolling social media in bed?

Your mornings will improve massively if you keep your phone in a separate room when you sleep and use an actual alarm clock to wake up. As a bonus, all your friends will think you’re cool for using a vintage clock.

Not a morning person? It may not be your fault. Over 25% of us are predisposed to be groggy and grumpy when we wake up early [5]. But simplifying your mornings can go a long way toward improving your health and wellbeing. Try to build healthy habits like the ones above, and don’t forget to start your day with proper nutrition.

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